Atlas & Aether

The Vision

Atlas & Aether isn't just a brand, it is the hard work and dedication of one artist's desire to bring her visions to life. Each piece is an imprint of a moment in time, of a moment of inspiration. We strive to bring you something different, timeless, that makes a STATEMENT. For a piece as individual and unique as you are, visit our shop.

The Promise

Each piece of jewelry is designed and made by hand from the most basic of materials like sheet metal, wire, and gemstones. Every piece of jewelry is made from scratch, using high quality materials that are ethically sourced and disclosed on the product pages. Several processes are used such as fabrication, etching, hammer texturing, electroforming, and keum boo that are impossible to perfectly recreate each time, giving you a unique and truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

The Artist

Meet the artist and one-woman team behind Atlas & Aether, Ashley!

Ashley lives for the flow state; that magical timeless realm where inspiration alchemizes into creation with a little help from some skilled hands. She didn't always know she wanted to be an artist. In fact, she spent the first 20 years of her life feeling uninspired and lost, culminating in her dropping out of nursing school because her need to use the creative mind was going unfulfilled. She picked up hula hoop dancing and wire wrapping to soothe the anxiety that accompanied the feeling of being directionless. She soon realized that feeling was what she was searching for all along. In a world facing so much destruction, she sought creation. From the crossroads, all directions were possible.

The Story

Atlas and Aether was born and bred in Northeast Ohio. A Cleveland native herself, Ashley's love of jewelry began in an apartment overlooking Hessler Street (home of the amazing Hessler Street Fair) where she spent hours upon hours dedicated to teaching herself wire wrapping. It was love at first wrap, but she quickly began to realize that she could bring more visions to life if only she had some fabrication skills! She enrolled in Kent State University in the Fall of 2015, where she worked under the guidance of distinguished artists such as Andrew Kuebeck (metals), Rachel Suzanne Smith (metals), Charles Basham (painting), Janice Lessman-Moss (textiles), and Davin Ebanks (glass). She was inspired by the lush campus and felt at home amongst all of the chipmunks and black squirrels.

(Where the magic happens! Home studio of Atlas & Aether)

Honorary Artist: Maya Papaya

I like to be worn around the shoulders like a scarf and taken for rides around the house.

I like to go for walks in my donut print harness. 

  • I like to be worn around the shoulders like a scarf and taken for rides around the house.

  • I like to go for walks in my donut print harness. 

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