Chalcedony Necklace in Electroformed Copper


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Bring a little serenity and sparkle to your outfit with this chalcedony necklace in electroformed copper. “Ahhhhhh” is what we feel when we look at this pendant, with its soothing gentle waves and a natural shimmer that will be sure to make you smile. You will find yourself reaching for this chalcedony necklace again and again as its neutral blue-gray color plays nice with almost anything.

Our chalcedony necklace is handmade using a process called electroforming, in which copper is grown onto the chalcedony druzy over a period of about 12-18 hours. If you would like to learn more about the process, you can visit our informational page here.

Copper jewelry comes sealed with ProtectaClear to prevent the copper from tarnishing. This seal is long-lasting and durable, but will not last forever. It does not change the appearance of the piece, and stones are typically left unsealed. Please reference our jewelry care page for long-term care of your Atlas & Aether treasure.

About the Chalcedony Necklace in Electroformed Copper

1.5 x 1.8 inches
23 inch adjustable copper chain