Pink Tourmaline Stacker Ring


This delicious pink gemmy tourmaline ring is the perfect addition to any outfit! Read below for more information about customization options.

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Our pink tourmaline stacker ring is made to order in your size. Find the processing time here. The pink color of the tourmaline cab may vary slightly from the picture, but it will be about the same size (5 mm).

This copper ring was made with a unique process called electroforming. To learn more about it, check out this page.


Sealant: We offer a sealing service at no extra charge! Protectaclear is a durable sealant that cures completely clear (it is impossible to see on the piece, and it even adds a bit of shine). It adds a protective layer between your skin and the copper and helps to maintain the shiny finish of the ring. Eventually, your ring will require regular cleanings, so we have you covered with Jewelry Care instructions included with your purchase!

Size: This ring is made to order in your size. If you are unsure about your size, check out our Ring Sizing page for information on how to measure at home.

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Ring Size (US Women's)