Variscite Copper Pendant


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This magnificent pendant has quite a few spectacular gemstones. The largest oval is a calming shade of sea foam, a rare color for Variscite. It is surrounded on either side by a small green tourmaline and a sunstone moonstone; a unique find from a mine in Tanzania.

What is sunstone moonstone? This unique cabochon’s brilliance is even more amazing in person. It is a pale brown feldspar that has characteristics of both sunstone and moonstone: the iridescent aventurescence of sunstone and the adularescent shimmer of moonstone. This intriguing gemstone has only been found in Tanzania.

About the Variscite Copper Pendant

Top to bottom: tourmaline, variscite, sunstone moonstone*, fossilized coral
2.5 x 1.8 inches
23 inch adjustable copper chain

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